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Tracking Down Deadbeats

The IRS can help you get delinquent debtors to pay. Credit management firm Stevens & Ricci Inc., Tuscon, Ariz., has launched the “IRS Collection System.” Using insider trade secrets, the “IRS Collection System” is specially created to help businesses collect their most delinquent debts.

This collection strategy works on the premise of reporting the debt as a loss, which will cause the IRS to view it as income to the debtor. The IRS routinely runs computer matches of 1099s against tax filings. This could possibly trigger closer IRS examination and audit of their tax statement — something most businesses want to avoid.

The proprietary IRS Collection System, which sells for $29.95, uses a combination of accounting principles and debtor psychology. It's pre-formatted and comes with step-by-step instructions on how to effectively use it on your most difficult accounts to increase company cash flow and minimize delinquent accounts.

Additional information about the IRS Collection System and other credit management tools can be found at For additional information about Stevens & Ricci, a provider of credit management and debt collection services, visit or call (888) 722-1611.

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