Changing the World One Car at a Time

That “whoosh” you hear from a passing car could one day be creating the energy to power the world. Neptune, N.J.-based MagKinetics Inc. is developing a technology that it says will make electricity from moving vehicular traffic. According to a recently posted release on PRNewswire, “The company is poised to literally change the world because their technology takes moving traffic (kinetic energy that is typically lost to the universe) and converts it into electricity. Absolutely no alteration to the vehicles is required. MagKinetics intends to implement the technology worldwide in 18 months to 24 months.

“It plans to initially place their clean energy technology into roadways, typically on downhill slopes, off-ramps, and other braking road segments. The company's research also indicates that it is possible to tap energy from high-speed center roadways as well. In essence, every road and highway in the world is potentially an undeveloped energy asset.”

MagKinetics isn't your run-of-the-mill green company looking for funding from venture capitalists. The company's founders are thinking really big and say their technology is “a new type of renewable energy that could both stabilize world economies and bring about world equality.” Interested investors can contact Mark Nejmeh, MagKinetics' president, at [email protected] for an executive summary.

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