Copper Expert Joins EW's Contributing Writers

For obvious reasons, reader interest in copper pricing appears to be at an all-time high. One indicator of this interest is the number of hits Electrical Wholesaling gets for the copper pricing chart at, which has been attracting up to 2,000 hits per week.

To offer readers more insight into copper pricing, Electrical Wholesaling magazine and Electrical Marketing newsletter are proud to announce that beginning next month, John Gross, publisher of The Copper Journal and one of the nation's leading copper experts, will provide quarterly updates on the copper market in our publications and at He launched The Copper Journal in 1989 and has spent 35 years in the metals market, including a stint as vice president of strategic metals for the North American operations of BICC Cables Corp. (now owned by General Cable), where he worked with wire legend Harry Schell.

You will learn much more about John Gross' expertise in copper pricing and The Copper Journal in the upcoming months. Check out his fine publication at An annual subscription costs $379 per month and includes the monthly publication, weekly price charts for non-ferrous and precious metals and “The Annual Copper Price and Inventory Comparison Chart,” a 24-inch-by 37-inch wall-sized poster, that shows 20 years of copper information. For more information, contact him at (401) 667-0478.

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