EW, EC&M and DISC Corp. Launch Industry Database for Marketing Execs

The EWHotspots.com database is now available for electrical industry marketing executives who need instant access to local market data such as geographic sales forecasts, contact information for key buying influences and local economic and demographic information.

EWHotSpots.com was developed by Primedia Business Magazines & Media, Overland Park, Kan., with data from its stable of electrical publications, Electrical Wholesaling, Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) and Electrical Marketing, and sales forecasts from DISC Corp., Orange, Conn. With its map-based interface, EWHotSpots.com allows users to drill down into specific geographic areas, including metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), state and NEMA trading areas.

After selecting the geographic markets of interest, users simply download the statistical and contact data they need for their market research projects. The data available on EWHotSpots.com includes:

· Electrical product sales forecasts via an exclusive relationship with DISC Corp.

· Contact data for electrical distributors, electrical contractors and other end users collected by Primedia, as well as contact data for local independent manufacturers’ reps

· Population, housing and employment statistics and projections

· Building permits

· Market area maps

“This is the first time senior marketing executives in the electrical business have had access to all of this vital information from one source,” said Jim Lucy, chief editor of Electrical Wholesaling magazine. “Electrical Wholesaling, DISC Corp. and Electrical Construction & Maintenance are respected throughout the electrical industry for the quality of sales forecasts, marketing information and contact data they provide. Bringing all of this data together in one place and offering our customers 24/7 online access is an industry first.”

AnnMarie Wills, director of database business development for Primedia Business, says EWHotSpots.com’s simple four-step process gives the user the ability to access a database of more than 150,000 key industry contacts including electrical wholesalers, electrical purchasers, and manufacturers’ representatives – all at a precise geographic market level.

“This application will give our users an entire research and sales-lead engine in one simple-to-use Web application,” she said. “Not only can the user determine where the ‘hot spots’ are for their particular products, but they also have the ability to access the key decision makers for those products. EWHotSpots.com is a powerful innovation for the electrical market.”

For more information, go to EWHotSpots.com, or contact Primedia’s AnnMarie Wills at (913) 967-1602.

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