Nexxus Going Direct with LEDs Through Online Storefront

Nexxus Lighting Inc., Charlotte, N.C., says the distribution models now used to sell lighting products are “antiquated” and plans to sell LEDs direct to commercial customers via The web-site went live on Dec. 14. In a press release announcing the move Mike Bauer, the company's president and CEO, said, “We have been evaluating the antiquated way in which lighting products are sold for some time. We developed to create a new business model for selling and expanding the adoption of LED light bulbs for the commercial market.

“If you look at other industries, traditional distribution and product delivery models are being replaced with new technologies and web-based solutions. After hearing our customers complain about the existing supply chain and seeing the added cost layers and sales inefficiencies, we decided to start with a blank sheet of paper to sell products in a new way with a higher level of service at very competitive pricing. The net result is we have completely changed the model with our ArrayLEDdirect approach.”

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