IES Photometrics on Your i-Thingy

Need to do some lighting design on the fly? Now there's an app for that. Ian Ibbitson, a developer of business and software solutions, has created i3dOP for iPhone and iPad, a version of the IESNA-recognized 3dOP lighting design application.

Ibbitson, the Seal Beach, Calif.-based developer, designed the i3dOP application to allow professional lighting designers, architects and other specifiers to dynamically explore light fixture illuminance of objects using an intuitive, easily accessible tool. i3dOP performs a lighting analysis and allows a light fixture to be positioned and repositioned by the touch of a finger, allowing users to see how fixture positions dynamically affect light output. Photo mode simulates the actual light output on the grid surface and thermal mode shows potential “hot spots” as well as the shape and uniformity of the light. Once the lighting design is completed it can be emailed to a client. The application provides six isolines that can be set to foot-candles or lux, and the grid scale can be set to feet or meters.

You can find the i3dOP app on Apple's App Store, along with details about its features and benefits and a series of short video presentations, or via

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