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ESL Vision Joins NEMRA

ESL Vision manufactures and offers a complete range of LED lighting solutions for retrofits, replacements or new lighting projects.

ESL Vision, Salt Lake City, UT, a provider of LED products and solutions, recently joined the National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA) to help expand its existing network by adding sales representation across the United States.

 “With more and more commercial and industrial customers taking advantage of utility incentives when they retrofit and upgrade their existing lighting to our unique LEDs, we are constantly looking to build relationships with trusted sales professionals who can combine their strengths with ours, and extend those benefits to the electrical distributors and beyond,” said ESL Vision Managing Director Michael Gleeson in a press release. “By aligning ESL Vision with the many exceptional people in the NEMRA network, we will continue to provide the customer experience which distributors and their customers have come to expect from the growing LED industry.”

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