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The Changing Channels of Distribution

The Changing Channels of Distribution

Tuesday September 20, 2016 2PMET/11AMPT

While full-line distributors sell the majority of electrical products in North America, alternate channels like Amazon, Grainger, Home Depot, product specialists and online merchants have become formidable competitors for electrical distributors. This webinar will highlight the ways that today’s modern electrical distributor can be better positioned to compete with them, utilizing Electrical Wholesaling’s Electrical Pyramid, one of our most popular editorial resources. Many of these alternate channels rely on online storefronts to build their presence in the electrical market. Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) is a new e-commerce solution from this webinar’s sponsor that can help electrical distributors profitably digitalize and streamline their businesses and capture additional online sales.

SPEAKER Jim Lucy - Editor - Electrical Wholesaling

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