EW Update - May 2nd, 2024
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EW Update

Episode 94 of the Today’s Electrical Economy podcast is sponsored by Champion Fiberglass.

Champion Fiberglass® Elbows offer no burn-through that minimizes repairs. Their lightweight nature contributes to lower material and installation costs and makes Champion Elbows an ideal solution to protect utility infrastructures.

(From left to right) Lumen President, Serge LeBlanc, Sonepar Americas President, Rob Taylor, Sonepar Canada President, Geroge McClean and Sonepar CEO, Philippe Delpech in the Lumen booth, at Le Salon Lumen.

Galvan industries has been manufacturing, improving, and innovating ground rods for more than 60 years.  Our new pre-knurled ground rods cut compression grounding installation time and cost in half, creating new opportunities for our wholesalers. 

The new branch is located at 18375 Euclid Street, Fountain Valley, CA
In this video, Kyle Conner from Out-of-Spec Reviews weighs in on Tesla's move to cut hundreds of jobs from its Supercharging business unit.