Bridgeport Re-Enters Signaling-Products Arena

Bridgeport Fittings Inc., Stratford, Conn., has introduced a line of audible and visual signaling products for the residential and commercial markets. Consisting of more than 160 SKUs, the line will be marketed under the Bridgeport Switch brand.

The move represents a return to Bridgeport Fittings' historic roots. When founded in 1925, the company was called Bridgeport Switch and Signaling Products. Electrical switches, bells and buzzers were its business. It wasn't until 1930 that fittings were introduced.

Several factors motivated Bridgeport Fittings to re-enter the signaling market. “While the market for signaling products is mature and steady, it is somewhat underserved,” said Paul Suzio, president of Bridgeport Fittings. “There is room for an additional player.”

The reintroduction supports Bridgeport Fittings' long-term strategy to transition its product portfolio beyond cable and conduit fittings to electrical construction materials. The audible signaling line includes bells and buzzers, vibrating horns, builders' chimes and chime kits, door switches, low-voltage push buttons, door openers and transformers. Visual signals include the four main types: steady beacons, flashing beacons, rotating beacons and strobes.

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