In our recent coverage of Advance's branding shift to the new organization name of Philips Lighting Electronics N.A. and new product brand of Philips Advance, we erroneously reported that Philips Lighting, Somerset, N.J., is renaming its Rosemont, Ill.-based ballast business “Philips Advance.”

In fact, the Advance division does not report to or exist as a division of the Philips Lighting entity in Somerset, N.J.; both are sister divisions of Philips Electronics North America Corp.

Also, Advance's new organization name is “Philips Lighting Electronics N.A. ,” not Philips Advance, which refers to the company's new product brand.

Advance's rebranding is intended to capitalize on the power of the Philips name in the lighting market while retaining the strong brand equity that the Advance ballast business has enjoyed for more than 60 years.

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