Corrections, Clarifications

“Data at a Crossroads,” January 2007, page 26

We somehow managed to get Mary Shaw's name wrong, inadvertently and inexplicably changing her last name to Walsh. Shaw is the standards director of IDEA, “chief herder of cats and squirrels” and the key pivot point in IDEA's efforts to standardize data flow throughout the industry. EW regrets the error.

We also would like to clarify that IDEA now goes simply by IDEA, and that John Haluska and Dave Crum were also part of the initial meeting with Steve Tecot and Jim Ford, where the industry data warehouse — the idea that led to the IDEA — was hatched.

“Activant: The Quiet Giant,” page 32

Steve Bieszczat's correct title is senior vice president of marketing. And yes, that's the correct spelling of his name.

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