LED Dock Light

The LED Dock Light is an energy-saving and practical product that attaches directly to current dock light arms for an easy retrofit. The light features a high-intensity LED with low power consumption and is available in a 15W version, providing light levels equivalent to a 300W incandescent light bulb. At 425 lumens, TCP's LED Dock Light has a 14-degree beam spread and lasts up to 50,000 hours, as compared to the incandescent version that lasts 2,000 hours.


100,000-hour Lighting Fixture

The Mercmaster III induction light fixture is now available in a powerful 165W version, expanding the current product line's 55W and 85W lamping options. Rated for NEC Class I Division 2 locations, the new fixture delivers 100,000 hours of labor-saving, virtually maintenance-free operation. This endurance makes it ideal for hard-to-reach locations or hazardous environments where lamp servicing presents a possible safety hazard. The Mercmaster III is well suited to industrial, chemical processing and refining operations where flammable gases and vapors are present, as well as non-hazardous locations subject to extreme weather, excessive moisture, dirt and corrosive elements.

Appleton/Emerson Electric /

Whole-Building Lighting Control

The Square D Powerlink whole-building lighting control system can now be seamlessly integrated into a commercial building automation system with the Building Automation and Control network (BACnet) communication protocol into Powerlink intelligent lighting control panelboards. Incorporation of BACnet into Square D Powerlink panelboards significantly reduces the cost and challenges normally associated with using a lighting control system as part of a comprehensive building automation platform. At the same time, it makes it easier for a building owner or facility manager to access information about all of a building's systems, including lighting, to maximize both energy and cost savings.

Square D /

Low-Bay LED Emergency Light

The LBE series offers up to eight hours of LED emergency backup lighting for warehouses, industrial and retail applications where the typical mounting height is 15 feet to 25 feet. The product line has two AC variations: a 320W and a 400W pulse-start metal-halide lamp.

Big Beam /

Line-Voltage Wall Washer

The Line-Voltage Wall Washer is designed for a broad range of light commercial and residential applications. The fixture's track head is perfect for delivering warm, uniform illumination of walls and other vertical surfaces. Using a J-150-S lamp (included), the fixture is offered in black and white finishes. The luminaire is designed with a louver lens that controls the light beam pattern and minimizes glare. It has a maximum extension of 7 inches, a depth of 3 11/16 inches and a width of 5 inches.

W.A.C. Lighting /

LED Exit Sign

The Liteforms Collection LX Series LED Exit Signs provide illumination levels far in excess of those required by current UL standards with brighter, more uniform illumination that dramatically increases visibility and safety under emergency conditions. The new brochure for this product line includes energy and maintenance cost comparisons, warranty information, component details, application uses, features and ordering information. With smooth clean lines and curved surfaces, Liteforms LED exit signs bring an aesthetic appeal to commercial, light industrial and institutional applications.

Dual-Lite /

LED Emergency Light

Diskuss is designed with a slim wall-mount profile and numerous available finishes that will fit any architectural space, indoors and out. Illumination is accomplished with high-output, long-lasting, energy-efficient, white LEDs with a custom reflector for optimum light output. The housing is constructed of durable die-cast aluminum with a polycarbonate lens and is fully gasketed. Diskuss is UL-listed for wet locations. A 120/277 dual-voltage input with surge protection and Intelli-Charge for self-diagnostics allows Diskuss to serve as an emergency lighting unit with the most reliable charging system available. A maintenance-free, sealed nickel metal-hydride battery offers 90 minutes of emergency power.

Chloride Systems /

Dimming Photosensor

The fixture-mounted FD-301 dimming photosensor provides precise and reliable energy-saving control, dimming 0-10V DC ballasts in response to available daylight. Integrating the device into the fixture also improves aesthetics, reducing the number of items on the ceiling. Adjustments are made using an intuitive handheld remote control once construction is complete and furnishings are in place. This eliminates the need for tools or ladders. Because the photosensor is mounted in the fixture and is close to the work plane, it senses illumination very accurately and with little calibration. In addition to saving energy, the FD-301 also achieves lumen maintenance by holding target light levels as lamp output decreases over time. An optional occupant remote control permits the automatic lighting level to be temporarily overridden if needed without changing the set-points.

Watt Stopper/Legrand /

Controller Bites Into Vampire Power

While many modern electronic devices now have a low-power standby mode, they still draw significant amounts of power unless they are switched off. Many charging units draw power unless they are unplugged. The Watt Stopper/Legrand Isolé plug load controller shuts off power to “phantom” loads such as sleeping monitors and unused transformers. The plug load controller helps building managers prevent wasted energy from a wide variety of electrical devices in private and modular offices by coupling a personal occupancy sensor with a surge-protected power strip to turn off unneeded devices when a space is vacant, while also protecting expensive equipment. It's promoted as the only occupancy-based plug load controller available.

WattStopper /

Electronic Ballasts

ROVR digital addressable controllable fluorescent lamp ballasts include a new one-lamp model for T5 fluorescent applications as well as one- and two-lamp models to support T8 fluorescent applications. Now offered to complement its previous two-lamp version, Advance's new ROVR ballast for one-lamp, 54W T5 High Output (T5HO) fluorescent applications is ideal for office and warehouse venues, while Advance's new one- and two-lamp fluorescent T8 ballasts support 17W, 25W or 32W fluorescent T8 applications and are ideal for use in general office settings and conference rooms. All of the new ballasts use the industry-standard Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) protocol to enable two-way communications with individual lighting fixtures and allow users to set up any fluorescent lighting configuration they desire with numerous distinct performance settings.

Advance Transformer /

Ecological Surge Protector

The Smart Strip surge protector is available in either seven- or 1- outlet models and comes with two or three “Always-On” outlets for use with equipment that should not be turned off, such as fax machines, cordless phones or cable and satellite receivers. The surge protector not only protects electronics from damaging power surges, but will lower electric bills, too. When devices such as computers are plugged into the control outlet and then go into “sleep” mode, the Smart Strip automatically cuts power to peripherals such as monitors, printers and speakers. The Smart Strip will quickly pay for itself in energy savings and then continue to save electricity and money. All electronics draw power even when they are in a sleep mode or turned off. A printer can use up to 30W in sleep mode, which can add up to about $27 a year in energy costs. Other computer peripherals and home entertainment equipment can draw over 50W while standing idle.

Coleman Cable /

RoHS-compliant Occupancy Sensors

RoHS-compliant occupancy sensors help reduce the amount of hazardous waste that will enter the environment, in addition to achieving energy savings. RoHS is the European Union's (EU) directive on the restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment sold in the EU market. It addresses the use of four heavy metals and two flame retardants used in plastics. RoHS compliance requires the design, or redesign, of products and manufacturing processes using components and materials with agreed maximum amounts of these substances. Compliant products help protect the health of workers and facilitate the recycling of products at the end of their life cycles.

WattStopper /

Lighting Control System

Designed for new construction and retrofit applications, the Vizia+ collection offers a sleek, new look and more programming options to simplify lighting control. The horizontally oriented DIM/BRIGHT Bar and LED Brightness Display are exceptionally intuitive to use with easy push on/off neutral activation. A row of horizontal LEDs shows brightness intensity levels incrementally from left to right. The enlarged push pad makes on/off control easier by extending the push-pad area for the best possible tactile response.

Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc. /

LED Lighting Fixture

Designed with a clean, architectural look, Cylindrix II LED luminaires are precision engineered for optimal thermal and optical performance. A state-of-the-art LED 20W cluster provides light output equivalent to 50W to 75W halogen lamps while using one-third the power. Life at 70 percent of initial lumen output is rated at 50,000 hours, which is more than 10 to 15 times longer than halogen. All of this provides for lower operating and maintenance costs for the end user.

Amerlux Lighting Solutions /

Watertight Landscape Lighting Cable

Q-Wire is a series of flexible, watertight cables that can be used for direct burial applications to power low-voltage landscape lighting. Q-Wire joins Q-Set transformer cassettes and Q-Vault housing as the latest introductions in the all-new Q-Scape family, the first direct power supply system designed and engineered for landscape lighting. It's a flexible, stranded type of cable that can be used effectively for low-voltage indoor and outdoor lighting. Two tinned copper insulated conductors lay parallel within an overall jacket. Easy to install, flexible Q-Wire is UL-listed, watertight, sun-resistant and tin coated so it won't oxidize. Its flexible shape guarantees water tightness when used with Q-Tran's Q-Click compression fittings to prevent water leaks.

Q-Tran /


LEDs continue to be developed for more conventional lamp applications. This LED PAR 38 can retrofit any fixture that utilizes a halogen PAR 38. It consumes only 20W, but has an output of over 900 lumens and an average life of 25,000 hours. The lamp is offered in a warm-white color.

Bulbrite /

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