Border States Electric Receives It Takes a Village to Create a Job Award

Chrysalis Packaging & Assembly Corp. (CHRYSPAC), Milwaukee, a provider of customized services for manufacturers, presented Border States Electric (BSE), Fargo, N.D., with its annual “It Takes a Village to Create a Job” award. The award was given in recognition of the importance of the business relationship between CHRYSPAC, BSE and We Energies.

The CHRYSPAC/BSE/We Energies partnership has proven to be quite successful. As the supply chain integrator for We Energies, BSE provides CHRYSPAC with individual component parts. CHRYSPAC pre-assembles those parts to provide cross arms, guy wires and many other configurations. BSE then distributes the pre-assembled material to We Energies' service centers and job sites. This allows the utility company to avoid the cost of internal assembly, a 50% cost savings for We Energies annually.

“The BSE/CHRYSPAC/We Energies pre-assembly program really displays how creative thinking, teamwork and a dedication to solving problems can result in a win-win success story for everyone,” said Emily Beckett, vice president of sales and marketing for CHRYSPAC.

Border States' relationship with CHRYSPAC grew out of an effort to promote more supplier diversity. “The relationship between CHRYSPAC, BSE and We Energies is a perfect example of supplier diversity in action,” said Justin Chase, BSE's suppler diversity manager. “Supplier diversity programs provide exposure to vendors that we most likely would not be familiar with and opened the door to this service. And now, a program that was started with an eye towards driving supplier diversity spend is now driving innovation, ROI and savings.”

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