Omni Cable Donates $1,790 to American Heart Association

Omni Cable Corp., West Chester, Pa., has donated $1,790 to the American Heart Association (AHA). In late October, Omni Cable employees raised $895 for the non-profit organization and participated in the West Chester, Pa., American Heart Association Heart Walk. According to the American Heart Association, the walk is a fund raising event to help fight against heart disease and stroke.  This is the first year that the company participated in the walk.

“We decided to get involved because we partnered with the AHA during our company’s pedometer contest this spring, and because heart disease is the number one killer of Americans each year,” said Alex Rehm, Omni Cable fitness manager. Rehm introduced the walk to Omni Cable employees and helped organize teams and fitness events to promote the cause. “I can’t think of a better health/fitness related cause to contribute to,” he added.  The Omni Cable Foundation, a non-profit agency, matched employees’ donations.

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