ROMAC designs and builds new UL-listed mini switchgear

ROMAC’s brand, Power Controls, Inc. (PCI), Commerce, Calif., has designed and built a new line of 5kv UL-listed switchgear they are calling Mini Gear.  PCI currently builds a mini-switch using a 200A, 5kv, Schneider HVL Mini-rupter switch into PCI’s own enclosure.  They have now taken that mini switch, mounted it into both single and two-high arrangements, and placed them side by side with vertical and horizontal bussing to make their new UL listed Mini Gear.  The company says it’s a first and that it will all be custom- designed and built to order.  The footprint for lineup of six mini-switches is smaller than that of two normal 600A load break switches and about that of two, two-high vacuum breakers.

ROMAC says its 240,000-sq-ft facility at its Commerce headquarters has one of the nation’s largest inventories of custom, new, and surplus electrical products. ROMAC and its OEM subsidiaries -- ROMAC Power Controls, Inc. (PCI), ROMAC Power Technologies, and ROMAC Hardware Resource Company (HRC) -- offer a complete line of new and replacement electrical apparatus, from power-generating equipment through distribution, controls, and motors, as well as custom design, engineering, fabrication, and testing. For more information, visit ROMAC’s website at

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