Safety First at Cerro Wire & Cable

Cerro Wire LLC, a manufacturer of copper electrical building wire and cable, said its manufacturing plant Ogden, Utah, has achieved a rate of zero OSHA-recordable incidents over the last two years and has only had four incidents in the last five years. The dramatic decrease in OSHA-recordable incidents, (defined as any injury requiring more than first aid) came about due to a shift in mindset and corporate culture. Veteran employees worked cooperatively to help newer workers understand that most accidents are preventable. According to Kathy Johnson, the company's human resources manager, veteran employees devised methods to reduce accidents, provided training, and made safety a reality on the production line.

“I am extremely proud of the entire team at our Ogden manufacturing facility,” said Corey Schultz, plant manager. “A significant percentage of the workforce was new to the business, and the veterans looked out for their safety and helped them avoid dangerous or compromising situations where someone might be injured. Our employees have ownership and pride in what they do, which says a lot about the company and who works here.”

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