Southwire Offers Calculator Apps

Southwire Co., Carrollton, Ga., is releasing a series of mobile apps that will offer electrical contractors, utilities, OEMs and other users of Southwire's products and services mobile tools that they can access on-the-go to maximize productivity.

“These mobile apps can help to calculate everything from the amount of cable left on a reel, to appropriate conduit size, to the voltage drop and current-carrying capacity of an electrical circuit,” said Stu Thorn, president and CEO of Southwire Co. “Smartphones and tablets are more common today for business applications, even on jobsites. We're investing in developing a series of apps that will help both customers and end users of our products get their jobs done more efficiently.”

The first seven apps are now being released by Southwire, with several more to follow later in 2012. The apps focus on core needs that customers and product end users have to manage every day, like selecting and installing products and converting units of measure for more accurate pricing of quotes. The apps also make it simple to email the results to others on the jobsite, such as suppliers, when more materials are necessary, and to inspectors, in connection with regulatory compliance.

These seven apps come on the heels of Southwire's Voltage Drop Calculator app, which Southwire released in 2011 and which currently has over 10,000 downloads on iTunes.

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