Thomas & Betts Catalog for Distributors' Websites

Thomas & Betts, Memphis, has rolled out a program to make it easy for distributors to embed its catalog on their websites with the recent introduction of a free, copy-and-paste iframe function. Once the catalog is embedded, distributors will have no maintenance, as the embedded catalog will be updated automatically when Thomas &Betts updates its web catalog, according to the company.

“The advantage of this is that the distributor's customer need not leave the distributor's website to access the Thomas &Betts catalog,” said Brian Herington, president, U.S. and Latin America electrical business at Thomas &Betts. “This significantly reduces the risk of the customer going elsewhere for the sale when surfing the Internet for T &B catalog information.”

Thomas &Betts' online catalog contains more than 400,000 items, with data sheets available for more than 26,000 of these items. Other resources include 3D models, installation instructions, material safety data sheets (MSDS), drawings and cross referencing of more than 60,000 items, representing more than 250 brands. The online catalog also offers submittal packages with e-mail capability and PDF print options.

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