Tyco System Helps Retailers Track Customer Behavior, Inventory Levels & Store Traffic

The Internet of Things is really here and it’s popping up in places you might not expect. A press release issued today by Tyco says it’s building on its Internet of Things capabilities, “combining proven technology and innovations with the expertise of its Installation and Services groups and the more than one billion fire, security and retail sensors and devices the company has installed around the world. These capabilities will enable Tyco to offer new intelligent services for customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and households.”

Tyco's new IoT platform allows Tyco's customers to collect data from their installed sensors and devices and perform advanced analytics, “unleashing the value of the information and creating numerous smart service possibilities for customers.”

Apparently Tyco has offered advance data collection capabilities for retailers for the past several years. Said the release, “Deployed in more than 4,000 retail locations, including some of the world's largest store chains, Tyco's solutions deliver visibility and predictive capabilities addressing inventories, store traffic, and customer behavior. Its new TrueVUE 5.2 offering can gather data from RFID, video, EAS and traffic sensors, and transform it into actionable insights that empower retailers to maximize revenue, optimize inventory management, and deliver a memorable shopper experience across all of their operations.”


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