General Cable Taps the Final Frontier

General Cable Corp., Highland Heights, Ky., announced in June that it had reached an agreement in principle with The Boeing Co. to be the supplier of on-board fiber-optic cable for the ongoing requirements and maintenance of the International Space Station (ISS) program. General Cable was the exclusive supplier of fiber-optic cable for the Boeing-built U.S. Laboratory, Destiny, which was successfully launched and installed to the ISS on February 10. Destiny is the primary workstation for the United States' involvement on the ISS.

The Destiny lab arrived with five systems racks and will eventually house 23 that will enable the facility to yield a steady stream of data on its findings from hundreds of science and technology experiments. Destiny will eventually provide command and control capabilities for the Station and begin the transfer of ISS operations from the Russian Mission Control Center outside Moscow to NASA's Mission Control in Houston.

“We are thrilled to be involved in this mission-critical program,” said Stephen Rabinowitz, chairman and chief executive officer of General Cable. “Aerospace programs like the ISS provide continued challenges for our Technology Team to develop higher performance, reduced weight and smaller diameter cables to meet the rigors of space travel. Destiny required fiber-optic cable that could perform at temperature extremes from -150 degrees C to +200 degrees C with temperature change cycles in increments of minutes and provide resistance to the radiation and vacuum environments of space. As a learning organization, we will leverage this new knowledge in fiber-optic technology to improve products for other key customers in military, marine, aerospace and other specialty markets where wire and cable performance is essential to maintain operations.”

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