Before coming to Ft Collins Winlectric in 1981 Roger Glanz was an electricianrsquos apprentice Photos by Jim Lucy

Before coming to Ft. Collins Winlectric in 1981, Roger Glanz was an electrician’s apprentice.

The Will to Win: Profile of WinWholesale

WinWholesale has dramatically expanded the services it offers the local operating companies over the years, and today they include mobile apps for customers, a sophisticated home-grown ERP system, regional distribution centers and more marketing services. 

Electrical Wholesaling has covered WinWholesale’s unique growth strategy for more than 20 years. In 1993, we visited with WinWholesale’s locations in Ft. Collins and Denver, Colo., and Casper, Wyo., for our first feature article on the company and came away from the experience with a ton of respect for what really is a pretty simple growth formula — give entrepreneurs the opportunity to own a big piece of a local operating company and provide them with the back office support s

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