ACEEE Introduces a New State Energy Efficiency Policy Resource

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), Washington, D.C., has introduced a new web resource that provides an easy-to-use online database of energy efficiency policies in the various states, searchable by state or by policy. The database covers:

  • Appliance standards
  • Building codes
  • Clean distributed generation policies
  • Tax incentives
  • Vehicle policies
  • A host of utility-related energy efficiency information

Ultimately the site will cover policies for all states and will be expanded to also cover state climate policies and smart growth initiatives.

“States are increasingly adopting and implementing new energy policies as a result of high energy prices and increasing concern over global climate change,” says ACEEE Executive Director Steven Nadel. “ACEEE seeks to provide a comprehensive survey of existing state ‘best practices’ as a resource for policymakers, businesses, concerned citizens, and others in the energy efficiency community.”

“The database will serve as a portal to original ACEEE research as well as resources elsewhere on the web,” said ACEEE Project Manager Sarah Black. “The unique resources include information on clean distributed generation policies and several utility policies, including energy-efficiency program funding and customer energy-efficiency programs.”

The complete version of the website will roll out in conjunction with the release of ACEEE's State Energy Efficiency Scorecard for 2007/2008 in the beginning of October. ACEEE anticipates updating information on the site on a quarterly basis as new policies emerge.

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