Casino Hits Jackpot by Changing Bulbs

Like any good gambler, Stations Casino Group knows how to measure odds. When the casino group was looking to save on energy costs, they hired an energy advisory firm to evaluate ways to save on energy. The firm recommended relamping outdoor signs and bulb pack letters with Litetronics International Inc.'s Micro-Brite.

In a recent contract agreement, Las Vegas' Stations Casino Group Inc. purchased 90,000 Micro-Brite lamps from Graybar Electric Co. By replacing old 25W incandescent lamps with new 3W and 5W cold-cathode lamps, Stations Casino Group will get more than $3 million back in their pocket over the life of the bulb. The total energy cost for one 3W Micro-Brite lamp is $5.63, significantly lower than the 25W incandescent bulb, with $46.88 in energy costs.

Stations won't have to wait long to see savings. If the 3W lamps are burned 11 hours per day, they will pay for themselves in 14 months and save $45,771 monthly. The same lamps burned 22 hours per day will pay for themselves in seven months and save $91,542 monthly.

With a 25,000-hour-life span, the Stations Micro-Brites will operate 4,000 to 8,000 hours per year, depending on the application.

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