Comparison Tool Enhances LED Lamp Locator

Lighting Internet Technology Enterprises (LITE), New York, has enhanced its LED Lamp Locator with a new comparison tool. Located at, the tool is designed to assist professional lighting users in searching, evaluating, comparing and specifying the market's broad range of LED replacement lamps. Allowing users to easily select and evaluate LED lamps from among multiple manufacturers across a standard and consistent platform, the LED Lamp Locator's new tool further enhances the ease with which comparisons between the market's broad range of LED lamp products can be made and the optimal product selected for the application at hand.

In a LITE press release announcing the enhancement, Mark Roush, principal of New Jersey-based lighting design and consulting firm Experience Light, LLC, said, “Through its comprehensive features and continuous enhancements, the LED Lamp Locator offers a much-needed service to the lighting industry in its ability to help visitors view and choose from the market's myriad LED products. “With enough critical mass from participating manufacturers and their representation of real and legitimate LM-79/80 performance data (preferably from third-party labs), the LED Lamp Locator stands to pave the way for more accurate apples-to-apples comparisons of LED products and perhaps even accelerate the standardization of replacement lamp alternatives.”

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