A Whimsical Way to Control LED Lighting

Mr. Beams, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, a wireless LED lighting manufacturer, recently announced that the company's newest product, the Home Power Outage Lighting System will make its retail debut with catalog giant Hammacher Schlemmer. Known for its unique and unexpected product line, Hammacher Schlemmer is carrying the Mr. Beams Home Power Outage Lighting exclusively for a one-month special preview. The system will be more widely available in October following a formal product launch. A first-of-its-kind system designed for home use, the Home Power Outage Lighting System detects a power outage the second the power is cut and wirelessly activates LED lights throughout the home.

“Losing power is never fun, but our system allows homeowners to carry on their daily activities during a power outage without skipping a beat,” said David Levine, president and founder of Mr. Beams. “Especially with the extensive power outages we've experienced across the country this year, we're glad Hammacher Schlemmer recognized the need for a power outage system made specifically for homes. We are extremely proud to be partnering with America's oldest catalog for this product preview.”

The brain of the Home Power Outage Lighting System is a removable detector that plugs into any wall outlet and constantly monitors the house's electricity. When power is lost, it instantly activates up to 30 lights through a wireless signal to illuminate staircases, hallways, bathrooms, basements and even outdoor areas with crisp white LED light. The energy-efficient LED bulbs are powered by batteries and can last up to 40 hours during an extended outage.

The Home Power Outage Lighting System joins several other wireless LED lighting products under the Mr. Beams banner including the Anywhere Ceiling Light, Outdoor Security Spotlight and Stick Anywhere Night Lights. All of the Mr. Beams products are battery-powered, motion-sensor activated and weatherproof. The lights can be installed in minutes. For more information on Mr. Beams visit www.MrBeams.com.

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