Affiliated Distributors to Offer Distributor Members Noesis Suite of Energy-Efficiency Sales Tools

Noesis Energy, Austin, Texas, a provider of financial services  and sales tools such as an online savings estimator for energy efficiency projects, has been selected by the buying/marketing group Affiliated Distributors (AD), Wayne, Pa, to help its members close more energy-efficiency projects.

AD has signed a licensing agreement with Noesis Energy to offer Noesis Financial Services to its top-tier members, known as EnergyForce Champions. Armed with this suite of services, EnergyForce Champions can quantify and verify energy savings for their clients, develop more compelling project proposals, and include specialized efficiency financing with their proposals.

Christian Siebens, director of clean energy solutions at Affiliated Distributors, sees Noesis' offerings as powerful tools that can help independent distributors more effectively propose and sell valuable energy efficiency services and products. "Many of our members see the huge sales potential of energy efficiency projects and want to become more proficient identifying and closing these projects with their customers,” he said in the press release announcing the partnership. “By partnering with Noesis, we can give our EnergyForce Champions the tools they need to capitalize on the latent demand for projects that reduce the energy bills of commercial and industrial businesses," he said.

With Noesis Financial Services, the Affiliated Distributors' EnergyForce Champions get access to Noesis' online savings estimator and its lease finance estimator to help quantify and qualify efficiency opportunities and introduce financing early on in the sales process. Noesis Financial Services also features the Efficiency Business Proposal (EBP), an energy and financial business case written for the CFO. Noesis EBPs are created instantly, are easy to update and allow project developers to present multiple scenarios to their clients. They are tailored to the concerns of business decision makers and include key financial analysis in addition to savings estimates such as cash flow analysis, investment breakdown, and project economics.

In addition to using the sales tools, EnergyForce Champions also have access to Noesis' popular financing help desk service that simplifies the process for including third-party financing options on efficiency project proposals and overcome budget constraints, leading to higher approval rates for project proposals. Noesis' team of project financing experts have over thirty combined years of experience financing projects and have underwritten more than $200 million in energy efficiency loans. With access to more than $1 billion in capital, Noesis Financial Services helps trade professionals overcome budget constraints by providing the most applicable and competitive financing solutions for their projects.  Details


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