LEDstreetlights Photo Credit: Getty Images / Hulton archives

The New York Times said New York is spending $75 million to replace older sodium vapor street lights, an effort that’s expected to save $6 million on energy costs and $8 million on maintenance because the LEDs will last two to four times longer than the existing lamps. As you will learn in the article, not all Brooklyn residents approve of the move.

Cranky Brooklyn Residents Sound Off on New LED Streetlights

A city-wide program that will eventually convert 250,000 streetlights on New York City streets to LEDs is being panned by Brooklyn residents who don’t like the color of the light that the new LEDs are emitting.  According to the article in the New York Times, one resident said the light made her feel “like I’m in a strip mall in outer space,” “I don’t want to come off as melodramatic, but it really is horrible,” said Jolanta Benal.

A fellow Brooklyn resident taped heavy black trash bags over her apartment window to block out the offending light and another Brooklynite said in the article that his street now looks like "The Night of the Living Dead" after sunset because of the new LEDs.

The New York Times article

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