Waterproof, Safety-Coated LED Lamps

Shat-R-Shield’s latest generation of IP68 waterproof, safety-coated LED lamps is comprised of a sleeker style of lamp while boasting energy and cost savings of up to 30% in comparison to the previous generation. These waterproof, safety-coated LED lamps have a thin layer of silicone coating that completely seals the lamp to protect fragile electronic components against moisture, corrosion and premature failure. They are IP68 rated, making them useful for landscape lighting, dock lighting, wash-down areas or anywhere exposed to harsh environments.  For a fully protected unit, Shat-R-Shield also offers watertight sockets. Sold only as an accessory to Shat-R-Shield waterproof LED lamps, each socket comes with silicone sleeves that fit over the neck of the lamp and base of the socket to ensure a watertight seal in IP66 conditions.




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