Map of United States showing percentchange sales forecasts for each region

Electrical equipment sales are expected to increase in every region of the United States in 2014. The nation as a whole should see sales increase around 4.9%.

2014 Market Planning Guide

NAHB thinks residential market growth will continue and is calling for solid 2014 increases in total housing starts (+25%); single-family starts (+31%); and multi-family starts (+10%). That's nothing but good news for the electrical wholesaling industry. Growth in the oil and gas markets has far-reaching effects on the electrical economy. One product category, LED lighting, is poised to go mainstream and drag a lot of retrofit business along with it Get the Regional Breakdown: 2014 Regional Factbook

When you look ahead at 2014, you may feel like you have seen this movie before.

We have an economy that’s still slowly recovering from a recession that started five years ago. There’s a major controversy over the impact of ObamaCare on small businesses. And there’s that same frustration over the latest game of Congressional chicken going on in Washington and whether it will derail the economy altogether or just continue to make business owners hesitate to invest in their business

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