Edge Global Supply Expands Again in Brazil

EDGE Global Supply, a Milwaukee-based joint venture among 11 large automation-oriented electrical distributors that was formed in 2012 to give its members a global network, recently expanded its presence in Brazil with the announcement of two acquisitions there. The bigger footprint in Brazil not only boosts EDGE’s participation in Brazil’s growth but also serves as a base for pursuing further expansion in Latin America.

The founding members of EDGE Global Supply are French Gerleman Electric, Gerrie Electric Wholesale International, (Canada), Horizon Solutions, Kendall Electric, Kirby Risk, McNaughton-McKay Electric, North Coast Electric, Revere Electric Supply, The Reynolds Co., Van Meter Industrial and Werner Electric Supply.

Intereng Automação Industrial LTDA and LAAX Tecnologia de Informação LTDA will join Ladder Automação Industrial LTDA, an automation distributor in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which EDGE bought in July 2012. Together, the acquisitions cover a territory that accounts for 45% of Brazil’s gross domestic product and expand EDGE’s offerings in Brazil’s datacom and telecommunications markets, EDGE President Bob Eisenbrown told Electrical Marketing newsletter.

Both of the acquired companies, like all 11 of the EDGE members, are Rockwell Automation distributors, but Rockwell is just one of many suppliers the companies share in common. Intereng, which operates primarily in the Brazilian states of Sao Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, was founded in 1991 and is an authorized distributor for Belden, Bussmann, Fandis, Fluke, Panduit, Phoenix Contact, Prosoft Technology, Rockwell Automation, Rockwell Software, Tektronix and Veeder Root. The Intereng headquarters are in Jaboticabal with branch locations in Americana and Bauru.

LAAX Tecnologia de Informação was founded in 2009 and covers the Brazilian datacom market with a headquarters in São Bernardo do Campo. LAAX is an authorized distributor for Commscope, Fluke Networks, Panduit and Pentair and serves a broad list of commercial, institutional and industrial customers.

 Eisenbrown says the region is increasingly attractive to electrical manufacturers of many different types of products. “Most of the companies we deal with (as customers) in North America are already operating in Latin America — or if not, they need to be,” he said.

 He added that EDGE will bring the acquired companies additional skills, including some opportunities related to infrastructure, logistics, supply chain processes, and possibly a centralized distribution center.

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