Acuity Brands Signs Deal With Grainger

Acuity Brands Inc., Atlanta, has signed an agreement with W.W. Grainger, Skokie, Ill., to act as Grainger's primary provider of lighting fixtures, including products from the Holophane, Lithonia and Hydrel brands, to Grainger's catalog, field sales and Internet distribution businesses. The agreement was effective June 1.

Under the agreement, the Acuity Lighting Group will provide Grainger with linear fluorescent lighting products, indoor and outdoor HID, exit signs and emergency units, track lighting, recessed lighting and rough surface lighting.

Acuity Brands Inc. was formed in late 2001 when National Service Industries spun off Lithonia and other related lighting companies as a public company.

Terms of the agreement were not available at press time.

Lithonia had previously supplied Grainger with some lighting products, including emergency lighting and exit sign product, for the past year. Under this agreement, however, the Acuity Lighting Group will provide Grainger with the “lion's share of the business” in the commercial and industrial lighting covered by this agreement. Grainger will continue to rely on other sources of lighting besides the Acuity Lighting Group.

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