Geronimo Energy to install large solar project in Minnesota

Geronimo Energy's Aurora Solar Project was recently selected by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commisssion (PUC) to fill a portion of Xcel Enery’s future generation needs. "We are very pleased to have been part of this unique process and to show that solar energy can be a cost competitive and reliable part of the energy mix," said Geronimo Energy President, Blake Nixon.

"This is a big win for us, as well as for the larger solar energy industry," added Betsy Engelking, Vice President of Geronimo Energy. "The Aurora project competed with a number of natural gas plants and in the end, the Commission found that our project was a cost competitive part of the overall solution and would help Xcel Energy meet Minnesota's energy policy goals."

The Aurora Solar Project is a 100MW distributed solar generation project that will utilize solar arrays ranging in size from 2 MW to 10 MW across Xcel's service territory. The project will interconnect to multiple Xcel Energy substations across Minnesota and will provide energy and capacity for the local distribution network. Details

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