150 Lumens-Per-Watt LED Troffer

Cree’s ZR High-Efficacy (HE) LED troffer is a commercial specification-grade troffer designed to reduce energy consumption by 70% when compared to traditional fluorescent troffers, enabling greater design freedom for customers looking to achieve LEED certification. The 150-lumens-per-watt LED has a 100,000-hour lifetime— which Cree is promoting as twice as long as comparable LED troffers—and a 10-year limited warranty. It’s designed to be a replacement for healthcare, petroleum, commercial building and other applications demanding extreme reliability and long product lifetime. The ZRHE LED troffer features Cree TrueWhite Technology and delivers 4,000 lumens in both 2-foot x 2-foot and 2-foot x 4-foot configurations.

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