General Cable Recognizes Outstanding Reps

General Cable, Highland Heights, Ky., awarded their representatives of Carol brand/General Cable Branded and Stabiloy/NUAL brand products during the recent 2015 NEMRA Meeting. Two companies were presented with the prestigious 2014 Representative of the Year award: Casey Electric Sales, Carol Brand/General Cable Branded Products and Pacific Western Agencies, STABILOY/NUAL Brand Products. The company also gave its Representative Inside Sales Associate of the Year to two inside salespeople: Mike Clementson, ElectroTech Inc., Carol Brand/General Cable Branded Products, and Terence Uhler, Pacific Western Agencies, Stabiloy /NUAL Brand Products.

Winners of the Director’s Club Awards, presented to those who represent General Cable’s product offering and are selected based on obtainment of 2014 business plan objectives were given for both product groups, too.  The 2014 Director’s Club Awards for Carol Brand & General Cable Branded Products were Northeast region: C.C. Pierce and Vertex Innovative; East Central region: Casey Electric Sales and Lester Sales; West Central region: Case Electric Sales Co., Inc., Rains Electrical Sales Solutions, Inc. and Byron Carson Co.; and Southwest region: EMMCO & Associates and ET Cable Sales.

Director’s Club Winners for Stabliloy and Nual Brand Products were East Central region: Casey Electric Sales; Team Electrical Sales; and Hawkins Sales of Ohio; West Central region: Casey Electric Sales and RT Electrical Sales Co.; and North West Central region: Pacific Western Agencies.




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