New Clamps Speeds Installation of Solar Carports

New Clamps Speeds Installation of Solar Carports

SolarCity, San Mateo, Calif., recently launched ZS Beam, a new product designed to streamline the installation of solar panels on parking lot shading structures faster more safely and at a lower cost than was previously possible. ZS Beam uses a special clamp that locks solar panels onto carport or canopy structures and increases speed of installation by automatically creating an electrical ground connection when attaching the panels, and by eliminating the multiple loose fasteners and hardware required by conventional carport systems. SolarCity expects ZS Beam to significantly reduce the construction cost associated with solar carports, and says it’s introducing when U.S. solar carport construction is expected to grow dramatically. A recent report from GTM Research forecasts U.S. solar carports to grow from a projected 180.2 megawatts of annual installed capacity in 2014 to a projected 317.9 megawatts in 2016; a 76% increase in two years. ZBeam details


More information on SolarCity’s ZA Peak Solar Carports


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