NSi Industries Announces New Investment Partner-Blue Sea Capital

NSi Industries, LLC, Huntersville, N.C.,  is now  partnered with the investment firm Blue Sea Capital based in West Palm Beach, Fla.  Bruce Bittner, CEO of NSi Industries, said in a NSi press release, “The company is poised for long-term strategic growth and Blue Sea Capital saw the opportunity to partner with a company whose products, services and people are the reason this growth is possible. NSi Industries has always had a well-respected brand in the marketplace and we are eager to bring new products and solutions to our distributor partners while continuing to protect the core competencies that makes NSi so special.

"NSi’s founder Axel Rasmussen remains in place as a large stakeholder for the business and our management team is prepared for the opportunities our new partner represents in terms of investments into infrastructure, new product development and acquisitions. It’s an exciting time for NSi Industries as we begin to put these long term strategic initiatives into place that will also benefit our distributor partners.”

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