12 Bizarre Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Nikola Tesla

We have added two more Fun Facts About Nikola Tesla. Our original collection was part of the 95th Anniversary Celebration for Electrical Wholesaling next year, when the magazine's editors published online articles about some of the Giants of Our Times in the electrical industry. You may have seen the posts on 10 Great Quotes from Thomas Edison, or our first Giants of Our Times post.

We also want to pay tribute to some of th electrical industry's brilliant inventors. Everyone thinks first of Thomas Edison or George Westinghouse. But we often forget Nikola Tesla. You will remember him after checking out this gallery.

Tesla was a brilliant but misunderstood eccentric genius who helped a staggering array of important electrical and electronic technologies, like fluorescent lighting, utility-scale AC power and wireless communications.

But as you will learn in this gallery, he was a bit of a flake, too.  We all know the inventive types — creative people who come up with brainstorms while shaving, taking a shower, or while out for a run — and then sketch the idea for you on a cocktail napkin while you are out for a few beers. Don't ask them to balance a checkbook, remember their first-born's birthday, or find their car keys. No, they are big-picture, free-wheeling dreamers who get their biggest thrill by solving problems with their inventions.

Nikola Tesla was one of these people, and I think you will enjoy meeting him in this gallery.

Photo credits: Getty Images, Tesla Universe (A great online resource for anything to do with Tesla), Wikimedia Commons and www.teslasciencecenter.org.



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