Aetna Insulated Wire Announces Additions to Leadership Team and Service Offerings

Aetna Insulated Wire (Orlando):  This manufacturer of interlocked armored power cable, corrugated welded power cable, tray cable, and medium voltage underground distribution announced its new management team.  Along with new Marmon Energy Group President Greg Smith, John DeGenova is Aetna’s general manager; Jeff Lovett handles marketing; and Kenny Hermoso is the V.P. of sales. The company said in a press release that it would be focusing on new customer service initiatives like FastTrack, a short-lead-time delivery program and utilizing its increased manufacturing capacity. Aetna Insulated Wire is a member of the Marmon Energy Group, a Berkshire Hathaway company.

“With our strong customer support and solid product performance, we feel Aetna has a sound foundation on which to build,” Smith said in the release. “We’re investing in the company with new product offerings, increased capacity, and a leadership team that can move the needle with an eye toward the future. And that’s a good place to be.”

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