Galvan’s Montambo Begins Semi-Retirement after 17 Years as V.P. of Electrical Products

Galvan Industries, Inc. (Harrisburg, N.C.):  In other news at Galvan, Roger Montambo stepped down from his post as V.P. of electrical products on April 1 after 17 years of service. Jim Lund, who joined the company in 2002, will assume Roger's role in leading the electrical products team. Jeff Walker and Wesley Fritsche will continue as national sales managers. Michele Warren and Hope Corley will continue as inside sales and customer service support.

One of Montambo’s major accomplishments at Galvan was spearheading the successful drive for UL listing of galvanized ground rods. He also made sure that every Galvan ground rod that could be listed was listed. "Always take the high road," was, and is, his mantra where product quality and safety are concerned. Further details


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