Keith Phillips, who has been a local institution for electrical distributors and contractors in Southern California for more 30 years, passed away June 29 of an apparent heart attack. Philips worked as sales engineer at ROMAC, Commerce, Calif., in two different stretches separated by a ten-year gap, starting in 1977, specializing in power distribution transformers. He had the reputation as being an “industry brain trust” in that product category, along with having a quick wit and an often outrageous sense of humor. Phillips leaves behind his wife, Marlyn, and daughters Nicole and Jacqueline.

Jerome Dreyfuss, of Dreyfuss & Associates, Hialeah, Fla., passed away last fall at the grand old age of 95. Our apologies to his son, Ken, grandson, Eric, and the rest of the Dreyfuss family for not publishing this sooner.

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