Architectural-Grade Flexible LED Lighting

The INFINA adaptable linear LED lighting is an architectural-grade product suited for a wide-range of interior/exterior hospitality, commercial/institutional, retail merchandising; as well as for upscale indoor/outdoor residential applications. INFINA readily conceals in and along ceilings and walls; natural or manmade coves, building and room interiors; around baseboards and ceiling moldings; in staircases, along railings and columns; in merchandise displays and signage; corridor and elevator perimeters; architectural elements and anywhere discreet, low-scale, easily-dimmable architectural LED lighting is desired.  Applications include retail stores and displays; theaters; hospitality installations such as restaurants, bar and cocktail lounges, hotels, casinos and themed venues; building lobbies, reception areas, product showrooms and corporate offices; upscale residential foyers, kitchens, baths; bedrooms, closets, family rooms; studies and home offices. It operates directly from standard 120 line voltage.

JESCO Lighting


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