LED retrofit lamps replace CFLs

Designed to replace less-efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), MaxLite has launched 5W and 7W LED PL Retrofit Lamps with GU24, GX23 and G24q pin base options. The new LED PL lamps easily retrofit a variety of commercial fixtures, including recessed cans, sconces, and ceiling fixtures commonly used to light retail stores, hotels and apartment buildings. They deliver a color-rendering index (CRI) greater than 82, with uniform consistency, and a long, 50,000-hour life, which is five times longer than standard CFLs. The LEDs deliver an output ranging from 450 to 750 lumens, with an efficacy of up to 110 lumens per watt. Models are available in correlated color temperatures (CCTs) ranging from 2700K to 5,000K.



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