MaxLiteRecessedLED TrofferKit

Recessed Troffer Kits

Recently selected for a Department of Energy Gateway demonstration at Princeton University, MaxLite’s Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kit (RKT) enables installers to convert fluorescent troffers to an LED light source without removing the existing fixture. The kit easily retrofits troffers in T-grid drop ceilings common in offices, schools, health care facilities, and public buildings. The energy-efficient RKT complies with California’s Title 24 and is eligible for select utility rebate programs. The kit is available in two wattage and size combinations: a 40W, 2-by-2-foot model and 45W, 2-by-4. Both models are offered in standard correlated color temperatures (CCT) of 3,500K, 4,100K and 5,000K. Custom CCTs are available upon request.



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