Softstarter for Asynchronous Motors

ABB’s new enclosed PSE softstarter, whose sizes, ranges and options can be selected and made to order via ABB’s LP product configurator, features patented, two-phase torque control and a cost- and space-saving, built-in bypass contactor. A softstarter is used for asynchronous electrical motors, especially in high-speed applications. It regulates motor voltage to prevent surges and drops in power that could cause stress and increase wear on the engine, as well as consume excess power from the network. The enclosed PSE softstarter expands ABB’s line of enclosed softstarters by offering a range of five to 300 horsepower, with maximum Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ratings to 65 kilo ampere interrupting capacity (KAIC). The compact design of the enclosed PSE softstarter makes it particularly suited to pump applications in water and wastewater treatment, well water operations, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), agricultural irrigation and various manufacturing and facility operations.


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