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Low-Voltage Switchgear Cuts Electrical System Lifecycle Costs

The Entellisys 4.0 low-voltage switchgear may be of interest to cost- and safety-conscious plant managers, contractors and consultants dealing with critical power applications such as oil and gas, process industrial, health-care, data centers and airports. The upgraded switchgear has new software to help users reduce costs, shorten schedules and increase reliability throughout the process of designing, installing, maintaining and operating low-voltage power distribution switchgear.
GE /

Composite Access Control Cable Slashes Installation Costs

The Carol brand of Composite Access Control Cable is manufactured for use in building access and control applications that would benefit from a single cable run incorporating the four components required for card readers, door contacts, locking power and retinal scanners in commercial buildings, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and government buildings. The cables save time and money in preparation and setup, pulling and termination because they have multiple cables under one jacket.
General Cable /

Wall Racks Shipped in Flat Pack

The SFR Series wall racks are available in an easy-to-assemble flat pack, reducing shipping costs and storage requirements. The SFR Series features an open, wall-mount design that allows equipment to swing out, greatly simplifying wiring tasks. The SFR Series' innovative 90-degree “positive stop” design facilitates punch downs while fully open. It boasts a usable equipment depth of 18 inches, features a 100-pound weight capacity and comes in a durable black powdercoat finish.
Middle Atlantic Products Inc. /

Industrial Safety Switch Provides Extra Protection Against Contact with Live Parts

The Cooper Bussmann Quik-Spec Safety Switch maximizes user protection with its IP-20 finger-safe CUBEFuse integration, designed to be the safest fuse installation on the market. The current-limiting Class J performance of the CUBEFuse also makes the new safety switch superior to traditional models in reducing dangerous arc-flash hazards, both in energy and incident levels. The flange-operated handle is easy to operate with electrical gloves and is lockable with up to three padlocks to protect maintenance workers. The new switch is easy to specify since it meets National Electrical Code 110.9 requirements and is listed to UL98 for enclosed deadfront switches and UL50 for electrical equipment enclosures. As an added benefit, the switch offers an optional easyID fuse-viewing window to provide clear, immediate visual feedback on switch contact status and allows users to view fuse indication without having to open the switch door.
Cooper Bussmann /

Electronic Ballast Lighting System Offers Cost—Saving Dimming Option

The NuVation Electronic Ballast Lighting System with dimming capability complements other energy-saving strategies and equipment that lower lighting operating expenses, including daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors and motion controls. Along with using its new dimming capability to slash wattage consumption, the NuVation Electronic Ballast Lighting System with a pulse-start, metal-halide lamp offers up to a 60 percent improvement in lamp lumen maintenance versus electromagnetic ballasts with probe-start metal-halide lamps. It delivers a 13 percent improvement compared with electromagnetic ballasts with pulse-start, metal-halide lamps.
GE Lighting /

Replacement Tips for Drill Bits Save Money

These drill-bit tips pop out for replacement so your customers don't need to buy a new bit when the tip is worn. The base bits last three to four times longer than new bits, and the performance remains identical to that of non-replaceable tip bits at a fraction of the cost. All replaceable-tip bits feature Ray Tools' patent pending, cooler running, low torque tri-point construction. Each kit includes two complete bases with tips and one extra replacement tip in a handy pouch designed with the electrician in mind.
Ray Tools /

Repair Solution for Damaged Electrical Boxes

CoverSaver's patented external fastening products allow installers to safely and securely attach covers, outlets and switches when exterior electrical boxes are damaged due to broken screws or stripped threads, eliminating the need to replace the box. The CoverSaver quickly and easily attaches to outlets and switches and is available in single- and double-gang sizes.
Cover Saver LLC /

Pliers Designed for Durability

The Crescent line of Pro Series solid-joint pliers and cutters is forged from special alloy steel with joints machined to extremely stringent tolerances and has cutting edges laser-hardened for long life. Wide, co-molded grips feature firmer material in areas where control is critical and softer material at pressure points for added comfort. The pliers and cutters are available in multiple sizes and all popular configurations. Many models offer additional features such as the 9-inch lineman's pliers, which include an integral crimper and fishtape puller.
Cooper Hand Tools /

Lighting Fixture Has Rustic Flare

The “Canoe On A Lake” flush-mount ceiling fixture features a striking design of a man paddling a canoe on a lake, hand-finished in bronze on amber-mica panels on all four sides. Built in the United States, the flush-mount fixture is 10 inches square.
Meyda Lighting /

Versatile Printer for Wire and Cable Identification

The LABELShop BEE3 is a 3-in-1 printer for labels, bar codes and heat-shrink tubing. Users can select from more than 60 colors and sizes of polyester labeling tapes and five polyolefin heat-shrink tube combinations at a fraction of the cost of major competitive label printer tape prices. The printer is backed by a full three-year unconditional warranty.
K-Sun /

UPS System Provides Emergency Lighting Power for All Lighting Systems

The FirstLine 924 three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) central emergency lighting system for 8 kW to 16 kW applications provides computer-grade power quality for any lighting system, including incandescents; magnetic and electronic fluorescent ballasts; high-power factor compact fluorescents; high-intensity discharge; high-pressure sodium; and metal-halide lighting. The FirstLine 924 isolates and protects the connected load from damaging sags, swells, harmonics, noise and voltage imbalances in the primary AC supply. Isolating the connected load from irregularities in the primary AC supply can significantly increase the life expectancy of lighting systems and reduce the long-term cost of ownership. In the event of an AC power failure, the FirstLine 924 automatically transfers to battery power, providing a continuous power supply for 90 minutes. When power returns, the UPS automatically recharges the batteries in preparation for the next power disturbance.
Staco Energy Products Co. /

Fire Control Panels Offer Low-Cost Option

The Flex Series line of conventional fire alarm control panels offers small- to mid-size facilities a variety of features for a maximum combination of flexibility and value. Five new base models of control panels and a full range of compatible peripheral devices complete the company's portfolio of conventional products, all listed to ANSI/UL 864 9th Edition standards. The Flex Series offers two-, four-, five- and 10-zone fire control panels. Another 10-zone panel, expandable to 30 zones, is available for building operators who anticipate renovating and expanding their facilities.
Gamewell/FCI /

Motor Family Expanded

The Pacesetterfamily of AC inverter-duty, three-phase gearmotors and motors are now available with Bodine's newest gearheads: the types 3RD, HG and CG. Typical applications for these gearmotors include conveyor systems, food processing equipment, medical equipment and factory automation. These motors and gearmotors are rated from 1/25 horsepower to ¾ horsepower, 230 VAC, 60 Hz, three-phase.
Bodine Electric /

Exit Signs Consume No Electricity

Based on recent advances in photoluminescent pigments and compounds, Ever-Brite II Series Signs are non-toxic and non-radioactive, don't have any internal components to burn out and are 100 percent reliable. Ever-Brite Exit Signs carry the Energy Star logo, are ETL-listed to UL 924 standards at 50 feet and meet NFPA Life Safety Code 101 and OSHA requirements, as well as numerous state and city building codes in both the United States and Canada, including New York's Local 26 requirements. Ever-Brite II Exit Signs feature a contoured frame only 3/16-inch thick that mounts easily to walls or doors with no visible fastening devices. Full 8-inch photoluminescent exit letters and universal chevrons fit within a sleek mounting canopy that allows for double-sided ceiling or wall-mounting configurations. Since no electrical wiring is required, they also provide a quick, permanent solution for new, low-level exit sign requirements.
Mule Lighting Inc. /

Cable Tie Removal Tool Protects Wire Harnesses And Speeds Rework

The ACT Cable Tie Removal Tool features a proprietary cutting head design with smooth, curved tips that slip behind a cable tie to pull it away from the wire harness and simultaneously cut it without nicking or damage. Eliminating the use of knives and box cutters, this ergonomic hand tool can be placed anywhere on the cable tie strap for a fast cut and safe removal. Providing double insulated and cushioned grips, a return spring, lock and properly leveraged scissor-action cutter, the rugged ACT Cable Tie Removal Tool is made from heat-treated alloy steel. Suitable for retrofitting and repairing wire harnesses in assembly and field service applications, it can safely remove plastic, copper or aluminum cable ties up to ½-inch wide.
ACT Fastening Solutions /

T5 Lamps Provide Additional Energy Savings

The new 51W F54T5-WM-ECO Watt-Miser lamp provides a 5 percent energy savings compared with the existing F54T5 lamps without compromising lumen output. It produces 5,000 initial lumens (98 initial lumens per watt) while using only 51 watts and offering a long rated life (25,000 hours). Designed for high-bay F54T5 retrofit applications, the new lamp works on standard F54T5 ballasts. This provides the opportunity to save energy in new installations or when simply re-lamping an existing T5 fixture. Additional efficiency and energy savings are possible when the lamp is part of GE's new UltraStart Watt-Miser T5 System, a program-start lamp/ballast solution that offers a wattage savings of 18 watts compared with standard 4-lamp systems.
GE Lighting /

Low-Voltage Recessed Downlights In Bronze Finish

This line of low-voltage downlights with three- and four-inch trims includes miniature downlights for undercabinet lighting that use 12V, eyeball, adjustable, step baffle, open specular and gimbal ring trim styles.
W.A.C. Lighting /

Intelligent Load Center Creates Cost Savings

The Square D Intelligent Load Center has been enhanced to include automated load shedding, which can provide significant cost savings for homeowners. Automated load shedding allows non-essential loads to be turned off during a power outage, powering only a homeowner's essential loads such as a refrigerator or freezer. The Intelligent Load Center, which combines an electrical load distribution enclosure with a Kohler automatic transfer switch, allows contractors to help homeowners to size the generators they purchase based on the exact loads they want powered during an outage. Because a new home can be pre-wired with the Intelligent Load Center, contractors and homebuilders typically enjoy an estimated $800 to $1,200 savings in product and labor costs.
Schneider Electric/Square D /

Datacom Surge Protectors

The STC series of data/signal line surge protection devices prevents transient voltages from interrupting data streams or damaging vulnerable electronic equipment. Using multi-stage hybrid circuitry based on gas tubes, silicon avalanche components, and resettable PTC fuses, the devices address overvoltage transients to provide high-speed, high-energy protection to network signal lines entering or leaving control panels.
Sola/Hevi-Duty /

LEDs Replace Incandescent PAR Lamps

The PAR36 Series of marker lamps and floodlights are an energy-saving substitute for PAR36 sealed-beam lamps. These LED lamps create a bright and glowing spotlight perfect for many applications such as architectural accent lighting, low-heat medical spotlighting, emergency egress lighting systems and landscape lighting. The PAR36 Series lamp can be a direct drop-in replacement for 12/14V DC, 6V DC and 120V AC PAR36 incandescent lamps. The LEDtronics lamp housing is a sealed unit that protects the LEDs inside and is resistant to moisture and dust, making it perfect for outdoor purposes where it can withstand exposure to harsh environments.
LEDtronics, Inc. /

Knockout Puncher Works in Tight Spots

The RoundHouse Knockout Puncher is a powerful hydraulic puncher with a fully articulating head and no hoses. The head swivels up, down and around and punches knockouts from any direction or angle, giving users flexibility they have never had before. The KnockOut Puncher is packaged in a handy kit with low-torque cups and cutters. Each kit includes a RT4520-hard plastic case with ½-inch to 2 ½-inch cups and cutters; ⅞-inch step bit; 1⅛-inch step bit; RT4001- K.O. Buddy; ¾-inch draw stud; and ⅜-inch draw stud.
Ray Tools /

Ground-Fault Sensor

This ground-fault sensing module functions interdependently with a magnetic branch-circuit breaker. The module monitors the electrical circuit with an external differential current transformer. With the company's GFCI solution, no direct load is present at the module. In the event of a ground fault, the load is interrupted via the hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker using a shunt trip coil. Available with an automatic or manual “safe-start” reset feature, the units are rated from 1A to 15A. When mounted with the supplied gasket, the enclosure achieves a UL NEMA 4X rating.
Bryant /

Raceway Handles Power and Data Requirements

The Wiremold 2400D divided raceway is designed for jobs that do not require the extra capacity of larger perimeter raceways or vertical drop systems. Offering a variety of labor-saving features, this steel raceway system is a convenient alternative to installing separate raceway runs and device boxes for both power and data in classrooms, retail stores, smaller offices and similar applications. The new downward-facing device boxes for receptacles and communications jacks feature a unique over-the-raceway design so they can be installed over a continuous run of raceway base, reducing time-consuming cutting. Downward-facing receptacles enable the raceway to be installed directly under chalkboards and laboratory furnishings. The raceway is a FiberReady system with available fittings to ensure a gradual bend radius for fiber-optic and 10-gigabit cabling.
Wiremold/Legrand /

Ceiling Pendants Feature Multiple Colors

The Pahu family of double-glass ceiling pendants includes three different sizes and offers four elegant decors. Each pendant is designed with a transparent-colored, outer glass cylinder that surrounds a smaller opal glass cylinder. Along with clear glass, colors include armagnac, olive and deep purple. Each of the Pahu pendant shades is handcrafted from European glass. Pahu pendants are offered on Besa's KG Series canopy, which supports the glass with three stainless steel cables. The luminaire hardware is offered with either a satin nickel or bronze finish.
Besa Lighting /

Low-Voltage Track Heads for New Construction and Retrofit Installations

Premier low-voltage track heads are crafted from die-cast aluminum for durability and distinctive designs not found in stamped steel track heads. This group can be used with any of W.A.C. Lighting's three line-voltage single-circuit track systems, as well as its two-circuit track system. These low-voltage track heads feature clean, crisp designs and slim-line transformers. They use reflector low-voltage lamps that provide precise beam control.
W.A.C. Lighting /

Circuit Breakers Protect High-Voltage Circuits

Series G high-performance molded-case circuit breakers can safely interrupt up to 200,000 asymmetrical interrupting capacities at 480VAC. According to the company, the circuit breakers were designed, tested, and UL-approved as current limiting. Using reverse loop technology, the contact arms are forced apart with magnetic repulsion during fault conditions. The reverse loop also increases the speed at which the contacts open and interrupt current flow when fault current is present. In addition, the devices are reusable after clearing an electrical fault.
Eaton /

Exit Signage for Wet Locations

Tuff-Act exit signage is wet/damp location listed from -40°F (-40°C) to 113°F (45°C). Energy Star-rated, the sign is available in AC-only and self-powered models. In addition, the device features Intelli-Charge self-testing diagnostics electronics for continuous monitoring of critical functions and fulfillment of the monthly periodic testing requirements in NFPA 101 and the IBC. Additional product features include die-cast aluminum housing with impact-resistant, injection-molded polycarbonate covers. The maintenance-free, sealed nickel cadmium battery provides 120 minutes of emergency power.
Chloride, a Genlyte Co. /

Floor Boxes Are Scrub Water Compliant

These floor boxes provide support for both line-voltage and low-voltage connections. Available in a variety of round and rectangular styles, including single- or two-gang applications, the boxes can be installed in wood, concrete, and ceramic tile. Swing-bracket mounting installs without drilling for mounting screws. Additional product features include an extra-deep design, four knockout wire entries, and two auto-clamp entries. In addition, they are scrub water compliant without caulking and feature a heavy-gauge, die-cast cover plate.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand /

PoE Modules Transfer Data and Power

These UL-approved industrial-strength Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) modules make it possible to use the Ethernet to transfer both data and electricity. The FL IF 2PSE-F module features two PoE ports for the modular managed switch (MMS). Depending on specific requirements, users can freely combine 8-24 ports in twisted-pair, PoE, and various glass fiber media. The FL PSE 2TX module is a compact, stand-alone solution that converts two standard Ethernet ports into PoE ports. The module generates the 48V power supply required PoE from a 24VDC connection.
Phoenix Contact /

Expansion Fittings for Harsh Environments

Type AXB expansion fittings are designed for long conduit runs installed in areas subject to vandalism, theft, harsh weather and extreme temperature variations. Their internal bonding jumper eliminates the need for an external jumper. In addition, the product's outer casing slides open to view the jumper for no-tools-required field inspection. Watertight and corrosion-resistant, the hot-dipped galvanized outer casing is available in trade sizes from ½ inch through 2 inch with 4-inch and 8-inch movement.
O-Z/Gedney /

Vaporproof Lighting Fixtures Handle Rugged Applications

Vaporproof Lighting Fixtures are made of rugged, seamless die-cast aluminum construction that prevents moisture entry and come in five configurations, each available with either a guard-protected clear glass globe or a tough Lexan globe in five colors: amber, blue, clear, green and red. All fixtures operate on 110/120V AC and are rated 100W when installed with a glass globe and 75W with a Lexan globe. The units are UL-listed and are an option for applications such as college campuses, subways and mass transit locations, construction sites, bridges, tunnels, freezers, wastewater and sewage treatment plants and many other applications where extreme conditions are present.
Bridgeport Fittings Inc. /

Ultrasonic Sensors

Microset self-adjusting ultrasonic designer ceiling sensors can be used individually or in combination to provide lighting control and integration with HVAC control throughout a building. According to the company, the sensors require no adjustments for time delay or sensitivity after installation. Available in one-way 180° and two-way 360° models, they are designed for use in rooms ranging from 500 square feet to 2,000 square feet.
Cooper Wiring Devices /

Monitoring/Alternating Relays

According to the company, these monitoring and alternating relays can be customized to meet unique application parameters, including fixed settings, remote adjustments and special pin configurations. For phase monitoring, the D65 series provides protection against voltage faults on 3-phase systems. The D65V series monitors AC single-phase (50/60 Hz) or DC voltages, while the D65C series monitors AC single-phase currents for over- or undercurrent conditions in three ranges: 0.1-1.0A, 0.5-5.0A, and 1-10A. In addition, the D85 series equalizes the run time of two loads through the use of control switches.
Eaton /

Gearmotors Drive Low-Voltage Applications

Bodine engineers have worked with OEMs to optimize gearmotor, motor and control efficiency in low-voltage products as diverse as solar-powered water circulators and power-generating facilities. The eTORQ direct-drive brushless DC servo motor allows for up to 95 percent motor efficiency, permitting the circulators to run 24/7 directly from the solar cells and battery capacity, eliminating the need to run power cables through water. The motor requires almost no maintenance, and it achieves high output torque over a broad speed range without a gearbox, removing the possibility of lubricant leaking into the water. These low-voltage motors are also being used at a solar power generation test site. Rather than using photovoltaic cells, this design focuses sunlight to create heat used to generate electricity. Two 24V DC Incodermotors are used on each unit to position the azimuth and elevation axes of the collection mirrors.
Bodine Electric /

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