How to Build Sales & Profits in a Tough Business Environment

June 13, 2023

It’s a business environment that electrical distributors, their customers and business partners haven’t seen for many years. While product price increases have slowed down in 2023, lead times for some electrical products are still measured in months instead of days. And while many business owners expect a recession, there’s a wide range of opinions on when it will start and how long it will last.

Preparing Your Company for a Demanding Business Environment is intended to help distributors operate their businesses more efficiently when times get tough. The first article in this e-book, 5 Ideas to Pump Up Profits in a Demanding Business Environment, provides some quick tips on resources distributors can tap into to manage profits if and when business conditions slow down.

In the three-part series, Managing Your Supply Chain, by Howard Coleman, president, MCA Associates, readers will learn how to fine-tune their inventory management strategies so that they have the correct products in stock to meet customer’s requirements, but don’t have unnecessary inventory sitting on shelves in their warehouse.

The final article in this e-book, Cost Savings of Fiberglass Electrical Conduit A Boon for Projects in 2023, looks at how Champion Fiberglass electrical conduit and strut support systems are priced to ease project cost burdens in a tough economic market.

Champion Fiberglass and Electrical Wholesaling hope the ideas this e-book provides on job-site cost savings and profit management help you manage your business through any economic challenges you may face in the future.

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