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Photo_226496518 Mohd Izzuan Ros / Dreamstime


Shat-R-Shield Hires Two Reps

Nov. 1, 2019
Shat-R-Shield adds to its stable of reps covering the Western states with the appointments of Forman & Associates and Electrical Marketing Solutions (EMS)

Shat-R-Shield Inc., Salisbury, NC, announced that effective Nov. 1, Forman & Associates of Los Angeles, will represent all Shat-R-Shield products through Southern California and that Electrical Marketing Solutions (EMS), Salt Lake City, UT, will represent all Shat-R-Shield products across Utah, Wyoming, southern Idaho and northeast Nevada.

For almost 40 years, Forman & Associates has sold and managed major lighting projects and installations across Sothern California. Their team of lighting specialists support design and project applications of any size. Joe Hamann, Shat-R-Shield’s Western regional sales manager said in the press release, “Forman and Associates has distinguished itself as one of the premier lighting agencies in California. The recent addition of their industrial sales group focusing on electrical products for industrial markets and industrial lighting, makes them an ideal partner for the sales of our highly differentiated specialty lighting products.

Founded in the 1980s, EMS has been serving the western United States for nearly 40 years. Their goal has been to drive demand at the end user level and to service that demand through distribution. Pete Jones, EMS president, said in the press release, “Shat-R-Shield’s line of products provide EMS with a complimentary offering to the manufacturers that we currently represent, and we believe that our distributors and end users alike will benefit from both their traditional products and their new and innovative solutions.”

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