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Not Much Has Changed...

April 30, 2020
Check out this reader-submitted treasure from 1957 that goes to show while a lot has changed in our industry in the past 100 years, some things have remained the same.

Back in April, the editors of Electrical Wholesaling celebrated the magazine's 100th anniversary with the release of a special anniversary issue, and it's been a pleasure hearing all of the positive feedback, fond memories and fun tidbits we've received in response.

James DeRosa, general manager at YESCO Electrical Supply, Inc., recently shared something from his personal "way-back" collection with us on our LinkedIn page. While a lot has changed in the electrical distribution industry over the last 100 years, his 1957 copy of Mechanix Illustrated also shows that a lot of core basics haven't. In his post, James wrote: "I have an old copy of a Mechanix Illustrated guide from 1957 on Electrical Repairs. This guide comes packed with sharp wit, old photos from Westinghouse Electric Company & GE and goes over everything that connects to the "grid". It even covers some low voltage home automation (yes from 1957) all for 75 cents!"

Thank you, James, for sharing this treasure with us — and we wanted to pay it forward by sharing it with our greater Electrical Wholesaling community. Click here to view the full link from James.

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