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Affiliated Distributors Reports Record Financial Results in 2022

Feb. 1, 2023

AD, the Wayne, PA-based buying/marketing group, is reporting record results for 2022 in owner/member sales, member purchases from AD suppliers, AD warehouse sales to AD members, net distributions to members and operational efficiency.

2022 owner/member sales across all divisions were $74.9 billion, a +28% increase from the previous year. Purchases by member companies from AD supplier partners were $20.3 billion. Net distributions to owner/members reached $1.4 billion.

AD’s member community grew to 866 separately owned independents across 14 divisions and three countries. Not included in that count separately are the 84 acquisitions made by existing AD members in 2022 of other independents.

Member losses due to consolidation negatively impacted AD’s volume by -0.4%. Member additions via acquisitions by AD members, mergers with other groups, and individual decisions positively impacted AD’s volume by +3.0%. By country, same-store sales of U.S. members were up +21%; Canada same-store member sales increased by 8% and Mexico same-store sales increased by +19%. AD Chairman and CEO Bill Weisberg said in the release that AD’s distributor members are up +63% over pre-pandemic volume in aggregate.

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